7 Best Gas Generator Review

The time has come where we would all need a gas generator to power our homes because very soon into the future we would be without that very important amenity of electricity, which we entirely depend on to run our day to day appliances. Electricity has interested man since 2750 BC, when the early Egyptians discovered that some types of fish in the river Nile, gave a jolt when touched. They did not know what it was but realized that those with some types of illnesses like constant headaches, numbness and similar conditions were cured after a jolt from these fish. Today receiving electrical jolts of 240 volts or even the lesser 110 volts could kill you if you are not adequately protected.

7 best gas generator review
7 best gas generator review

A gas generator is what we need

Most of us would have had the nasty experience of having a jolt going through us, whilst handling an electrical appliance at home, office or elsewhere. If so, we are have been lucky that jolt did not injure or kill us, but some may not have been so. Electricity is dangerous and has to be used very carefully and thoughtfully. Any carelessness on our part could cost us our lives as well as of others. The supply of energy, especially electricity is at a crucial crossroad today, with the powers that be, entrusted with the task of ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply to the populace finding dangerous ways to meet that objective.

They are dabbling in nuclear science, universally considered as dangerous to generate electricity which has already resulted in two massive accidents. The world has an abundance of oil reserves which could be well utilized by encouraging people to use natural gas generators and lessen the dependence on the national grids. The nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011 which was the result of a natural incident the earthquake and tsunami that hit the area is a good eye opener for the rest of the world. Before that the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine that burst out in flames on April 26, 1986 was the first warning that this science may not be for our betterment but could result in our destruction.

If we had been prudent and used a gas generator probably these two disasters could have been avoided and not only Fukushima and Chernobyl, but the whole would have been safer. Both of these disasters were partially contained but its effects on the people who lived around it even extending to a hundred and fifty kilometers or more are finding that it has brought untold misery to them. Kiev the capital of Ukraine is now recording eight out of ten women with breast cancer, and many children have been born with birth defects. This has brought about a serious problem that the relevant authorities have still to find an answer for.

In Fukushima and its surrounding areas too, the first signs of the effects of the nuclear disaster is gradually surfacing and the relevant authorities are trying their best to arrest the situation but whether they could contain the problem, only time will tell. Health issues are gradually surfacing among some in the populace and doctors are unable to find the appropriate answers to tackle them. There are ample portable gas generators which would be ideal for use in homes. They are easy to use and maintain and most of them could be relocated to any place conveniently without much ado.

Using individual gas generators to power our homes would seem a farfetched idea but if things get out hand that would be the best solution that the world could find. We live in a very complex world and there is a very famous saying which we would have heard more than once but not cared to take much notice of it which would now be the best way forward for all of us. ‘Each man for himself and God for us all” should be ringing in our ears again and when it comes to the generation of electricity which is a very important amenity that affects our day to day would need to be partially taken into our hands.

Taking into serious consideration the present context, where there is a severe load on the national grid and the often disruption to electricity we may need to find a permanent solution. A backup generator would be a good option to have in every home which would give us some solace, well knowing at the back of our mind that we would have a continuous supply of electricity even if the national grid denies it to us.

Be smart, get yourself a gas generator

We need to think smart and out of the box and get ourselves gas generators if we are to continue with our lives uninterrupted without ruing when the electricity supply is disconnected for whatever reason which could be beyond our control. It is pertinent that we look after our own interests and try to deviate from depending entirely on the national grid for our electricity supply. If each home could have a backup generator, it could also ensure that productivity would improve in every home with life going on as it should be.

We have come to depend much on the electricity that is supplied to us but it has never occurred to us what it would be to live without it. If there is some major disaster remaining in the dark would not be such a pleasant situation to experience. It is often said that “prevention is better than the cure” hence ensuring we have with us the best generator which would fit our lifestyle would be a prudent way to go.

Running our own gas generators would be a good option that would take us away from our total dependence on the national grid for our supply of electricity. It would also do some good to the environment because we could be emitting less harmful gases than the radiation that could spill from a nuclear disaster, if it so happens. It is not that a nuclear disaster is imminent but when we dabble in such dangerous endeavors it is the unforeseen that becomes the inevitable.

We need to take serious note of how we are using our electricity too because if we have a portable gas generator we would ensure that we use it as sparingly as possible to conserve the fuel that goes into it. Pragmatic thinking is what is required today which is generally, sadly lost on the world populace. We tend to look at everything through a keyhole and with that fail to see the big picture. If we do see the big picture by deviating from our detrimental old ways we could solve the issues of energy that we are encountering in much better ways.

Some of us may think as to why we should be investing on a gas generator when the supply of electricity is available to us with a flick of a switch. That is what we are trying to drive home, it is not a flick of a switch that we are speaking of but what is beyond that switch. It is the generation of electricity and how it is done is the crux of the issue. If we could like everything in life delegate it to ourselves and have the best generators doing justice to us in our homes then we could be a cleaner world than what it is now and what it would be in the future, eventually.

We have depended enough on the authorities to run our day to day lives it is time now for us to take our destinies into our hands. We could begin by ensuring that we do not depend as we do on the national grid for our electricity supply. If a concerted effort is put in place by every one of us by having our own natural gas generator it would reduce the load on the national grid. That would be a blessing in disguise to the relevant authorities to put the brakes on going nuclear which is today a very contentious issue.

It is being spoken of on every forum and though there is one side favoring it due to reasons we would not know. There is a larger lobby vehemently opposing the use of nuclear energy to derive our electricity. The latter is for the majority which is the right thing to do and all sane thinking individuals of the world should steadfastly stand behind them.

A backup generator for uninterrupted electricity supply

Electricity is a very valuable commodity to us which we could generate ourselves if we use a gas generator. Most if not all machinery in factories, workshops and even in our homes use electricity to generate the power of movement. After the wheel which is considered the single most important invention of mankind, it is electricity that can be considered as next. With the advent of electricity life became comfortable to us. Most institutions today do not totally depend on the national grid they all have a backup generator in the even the main electricity supply fails them.

We invented the light bulb followed by a multitude of products that have helped us to achieve what the world has seen today. The modern world depends on electricity immensely and without it we may be groping blindly in the darkness of life. The natural gas generator is the most popular source to generate electricity mostly used by institutions and homes. The major disadvantage of electricity is that it kills. It has killed so many around the world since it was discovered that there is no chronicle recording those deaths.

Great care must be taken whilst using electricity at all times. To this end there are very strict regulations that are being implemented by legislation to avert any danger to life and property. It is our fervent duty to abide by these regulations and keep us, as well as those near and dear to us safe. Any lapse on our part could cause untold misery.

It is imperative that electricity is used responsibly even though it would be from your own gas generator. Abuse in the usage of electricity can have dire consequences for us as well as for those around us. From the initial electrical wiring in the premises, to the installation of all supply points and the connection of the various machinery and appliances accepted disciplines should be followed.

This becomes more important if you are using a cheap generator due to constraints of finance, which practice an electrical engineer would not condone. Any deviation from accepted norms can spell disaster. Electricity usage is dangerous and it has to be used responsibly even though you may be under the impression that it is a portable gas generator and you would be safe. To bring the use of electricity within accepted practices the regulators have promulgated laws to streamline electrical usage, even though you may be using a backup generator.

Various systems have been adopted in many countries but the primary objectives of all such laws are to drive home the need to bring the safety factor to the forefront. Safety is paramount and all laws revolve around it. Your premises using electricity has to be scrutinized regularly and tests conducted for defects in the complete supply system. If there is a leakage at any place it could, spell disaster.

If you are contemplating of acquiring a gas generator it would be prudent that you apprise yourself of all the plusses and minuses along with other salient factors and then base you decision on what you would buy. It is common sense to buy the best generator without trying to cut corners and just go and buy a cheap generator of which there are many.

You may save a few dollars but you could be buying into a host of trouble and also invariably danger too. Hence it would be in your best interest to ensure that you read through generator reviews which would give you a good idea as to what would be the best generator for your use. Some inputs from a professional too would be in your better interest as there are certain criteria that would need to be looked into before you make the final choice.

A backup generator would be a good idea as you would never be left in darkness nor would you be wanting when you want to use and of your electrical appliances.

7 Best Gas Generation Comparison Table

Product Name
Item Weight
Star Rating

Westinghouse WGen7500DF
194 pounds
Champion 1200
61.7 pounds
Briggs & Stratton 30651

55 pounds
PowerPro 56101

35.5 pounds
Honda EU20001

45.6 pounds
DuroStar DS4000S

102 pounds
DuroStar DS4000S Star Rating
WEN 56180
50 pounds

A portable gas generator would power your home

Electricity from whatever sources it is supplied to us, whether it is the national grid or from our own gas generators it does not create any barriers. Electricity is available to most citizens of the world today and it is cheap, but it is the duty of their respective governments to get the supply through.

The supply of electricity should not be used as a political weapon which we do see in some countries it is still happening. Electrification of very rural and difficult areas may be a problem in some parts of the world, but things are moving and wherever electrical pylons stand the people have access to this very important amenity. That should be the spirit of those in power and they should not deviate from their basic responsibilities.

If people would use a portable gas generator they should be encouraged to do so as it would reduce the load on the national grid. Getting your electrical connection may be a very happy occasion but you need to use it with care and adhere to the laws that govern it. These are laws to enforce one basic aspect, which is safety for everyone. It is a well-known fact that electricity is dangerous even though it may be from a portable gas generator. Being complacent to that fact could cause serious injury or even death.

Since the discovery of electricity and the invention of gas generators the human race has taken vast strides in developing into its many areas. Space exploration would not have been possible if we did not have the luxury of electricity. The Moon would still be only a sphere, lighting up our night skies.

Electricity is an important component in our lives and is today an integral part of most things we do. We use electricity from the time we are out of bed in the morning till we hit the sack again at nightfall. Without the convenience of electricity we will be lost trying to achieve everything in our daily chores.

Electricity has given mankind a new impetus since its discovery when a catfish stung an Egyptian in the river Nile in 2750 BC. Though it was not the same thing that we use today, it is the same jolt that keeps our refrigerator running, our music systems dishing out the music or the blender churning out our favorite juice. We have taken the use of electricity for granted and most do not respect it for the service it is doing to us. We could reciprocate by being responsible and using electricity carefully .

The proliferation of electricity to all nooks and corners of the world has also brought communication to a new dimension. With electricity being widely used comes, its inherent dangers too. The use of cheap generators has caused many disasters around the world. Electricity is a very dangerous commodity and has to be used diligently. Any lapse could maim and kill even when using a portable gas generator.

This possible lapse on our part is controlled by strict legislation. The legislation in effect to control the use of electricity is very strict as there are no margins for error. You cannot feel sorry after a major disaster strikes. To avert any disasters you need to take precautions. Those precautions are well spelled out. Regular checks are mandatory on the electrical usage within your premises and it is imperative when you use a backup generator.

Electricity is consumed universally and it is generated by many means one very convenient and popular method is to employ a gas generator. We use hydro power, wind energy, and sea wave energy which are environmentally friendly systems of generating electricity.

We also use thermal energy, which is generated by coal, fossil fuels and nuclear power. These systems could be identified as environmentally unfriendly. They all burn off dangerous gases into the atmosphere and the present much talked about “Global Warming” is vastly due to our use of these to generate our electricity.

Of the above, the use of nuclear power is today a very controversial subject and better left alone here, but a an important point to mention would be Germany’s decision to phase off all their nuclear power plants within the next 20 years. If Germany finds nuclear power dangerous, a pertinent question that would linger on….. Why not the others?

Whichever way the electricity that we use is generated even with the best generator does not matter, but we are duty bound to use it carefully, intelligently and sparingly but most of all to adhere to all the relevant regulations controlling its use. These are safety regulations and they are for our benefit which may not be the case if we opt to use a cheap generator.

It is our prerogative to ensure that we use a portable gas generator from a reputed manufacturer so that we don’t endure any dangerous issues. The recent proliferation of portable gas generators really took root in the 1960s with the Honda Company in Japan being in the forefront of those efforts.

They are still holding fort and are a force to reckon with in the portable gas generator marketplace and have some of the best domestic products to still stake their claim to being the leaders. Today the manufacture of gas generators are spread for and wide and it has become a necessity in many homes especially in the United States.

Most Americans like the outdoors and this has created that market niche and propelled the gas generators into new heights with the demand increasing all over the country. This trend would grow and there are no signs that it would abate, hence more outdoor activities would mean more portable gas generators. This would also bring new innovations into the portable gas generator marketplace which would be a healthy aspect.

Don’t get duped with cheap generators

Since electricity was discovered we have found life to be more comfortable especially in our homes where we could even use a gas generator when the national grid fails us. Most of the electrical gadgets that we use daily, consume electricity and without them we may be hard-pressed to complete our daily chores. Take the clothes iron as an example, you use it day in and day out.

With a busy lifestyle you will find it extremely difficult to get your clothes ironed any other way. If we are cut off from the national grid a backup generator could come very handy and ensure we continue with our work. This could be just one example as to how much we depend on electricity. Our lives are intertwined with electricity, but do you realize the dangers posed by it.

Electricity is a killer and wrongful use can spell disaster. To avoid calamities occurring from the abuse of electricity, governments have introduced very strict legislation to control it. They even cover the use of backup generators. You need to abide by these regulations to keep everyone safe.

Every consumer of electricity is required to have an electrical risk assessment done and take action if there are any drawbacks. Though you may use a portable gas generator the risks would be the same. An electrical risk assessment will provide firsthand information about the exact status of the electrical supply to the premises concerned and its risk factors.

Some sellers of cheap generators may entice you by offering this service free, which could jeopardize the lives of those using the electricity in that premises.

If the electrical risk assessment falls short of endorsing the premises as risk free, even though a gas generator is used intermittently, immediate action is necessary to rectify it. The electrical risk assessment has to be conducted by qualified and experienced personnel.

Using electricity also makes you responsible to test and tag your electrical appliances and machinery. The test and tag will show if there are any electrical leakages in those appliances. After a test and tag if any appliance that is being used is found to be defective they must be either repaired or discarded.

This is a statutory requirement and failing to comply could get you in trouble. Using a cheap generator could put you at risk and avoiding such a situation is your responsibility. There are many companies that profess to undertake testing and tagging, to sell their cheap generators but are all of them qualified to do so.

Some of them may not have the necessary accreditation in testing and tagging hence it would be your responsibility to check it. Technicians conducting such testing are required to carry their proper authorization. Any personnel abstaining from this requirement, would not have the necessary accreditations, they would only try to sell their cheap generators by duping you.

If you need to test and tag you should select the correct company. If you do have this certification from a bogus company you could get into trouble with the authorities. The authorities would not spare you if they find that you are using a cheap generator which would not be conforming to their stated standards. It is hence advisable that you find the bona fides of the company and its personnel before you allow them in testing and tagging your electrical equipment.

You may have your own gas generator but still dabbling with electricity could be very dangerous! Electricity can maim and kill! Abusive use of electricity can have disastrous consequences for you and your loved ones! Electric shock can cause cardiac arrest!

Electricity is no child’s play! The safe use of electricity is imperative even though you may use a backup generator! These are just some of the warnings that we have heard since we were young. But still thousands of people are maimed or killed around the world due to misuse of this very important amenity.

Strict legislation has been passed by all relevant authorities to make the use of electricity safe for all. Adhering to these laws could save lives of many but it is when a few abuse them that disaster strikes. Taking stock of how we can be safe with electricity is important.

In our homes, offices, factories and various other places we use electricity. An electrical risk assessment, and testing and tagging, are two basic precautions that we could undertake. An electrical risk assessment will disclose our risk factor, if any in the area under review. Prior to buying a portable gas generator it would be prudent to find out whether it is of a good quality.

Buying a cheap generator could cause you ample worries and financial problems. The certification you hold on an electrical risk assessment must be from an approved and affiliated organization. The same goes for testing and tagging too. If the test and tag certificate you hold is not from a recognized institution you could be in trouble with the authorities.

When the local council officer comes around you should be able to produce a test and tag certificate from a qualified and approved company. Procuring the best generator should be your priority and that should not waver at any cost. Testing your electrical appliances, machinery and equipment is your responsibility. Obtaining the thumbs up alone would not suffice, you have to follow the test and tag procedure regularly.

Be careful always and find the best generator

To keep pace with the proliferation of electricity worldwide, most countries have brought in strict legislation in the use of it, even though it may be limited to only gas generators. Consumers and all those associated with manufacturing portable gas generators, supplying and producing electrical accessories are collectively responsible to adhere to such legislations.

All those not conforming to the rules and regulations that are in place, can be prosecuted and could even find themselves incarcerated. These legislations are introduced not with the intention of incarcerating anyone, but they are deterrents against the possible “bad apples” found in every society.

Every consumer of electricity is hence required by law, to ensure that every possible safety measure is in place, prior to switching on. Even a backup generator which is independent of the national grid would be encompassed under these regulations.

Employing faulty supply lines or using defective appliances, could not only risk your life but you could be risking lives of those near and dear to you and others. We should be well aware of the risks in the use of electricity generated by a natural gas generator and always strive to use it conscientiously. It is always better to be safe than be sorry later.

To avoid life threatening risks we need to get operate the best generator and have our electrical systems checked on a regular basis. Leaving it to chance, or being complacent about the inert fact that your systems are in perfect working order can cost you dear. We are not privy to all that is happening within our concealed wiring or the intricate systems in our appliances.

There could be appliances that we do not use on a regular and daily basis. The use of cheap generators should be strictly abhorred. Domestic pests of varied sizes could be gnawing these minute and webbed wires hidden from our view.

The tiniest of damage to a wire can cause the most devastating electrical fire that can engulf not only your abode but a complete neighborhood as well. This has happened many times and taking care and being absolutely sure that all your systems are always in perfect order is very important.

Finding the ideal gas generator for your use could be quite a tricky endeavor, which would need some advice from a professional too. In the meantime we could try our best to help you to get the best generator that we contemplate would suit your applications and what appliances you would be using.

You would need a backup generator which would help you when the national grid fails you. For that you would need to know what capacity of a natural gas generator that you would need. There are portable gas generators which are ideally suited for domestic and to be used at small establishments.

Picking that one would be where we could help you as we have researched the leading models of the best generators which we place before you. Our quest to find the best generator has also been aided by the many generator reviews which have also helped us immensely.

We have perused found so many and have selected the seven (07) best gas generators that we think would fit into your home of small office to solve your predicament with frequently interrupted electricity supply.

#1. Westinghouse WGen7500DF

Product Review


The Westinghouse brand has been around for more than 130 years bringing not only gas generators but many other appliances, domestic and industrial. Innovating technology the brand has always stood in the forefront and would continue to do so in the future too. The range of duel fuel natural gas generators that have been introduced by Westinghouse has been well received by its discerning and loyal customers.

When using gasoline to power this gas generator it would provide 7500 Rated Watts and 9500 Peak Watts operating at optimum efficiency. On the contrary if you opt to use Propane it would operate as a natural gas generator and dispense 6750 Rated Watts and 8550 Peak Watts. This is a dual fuel generator which is an advantage and hence you could use either of the two fuels mentioned above to operate this generator. It is equipped with a 6.6 Gallons capacity Gasoline fuel tank but with no propane tank because that would be made available when you decide to run this on it.

Starting a gas generator has been quite a perennial issue especially with the pull cord system but that is a thing of the past with this being the best generator. It has an Electric Push Button Start with remote key Fob which gives you very convenient starts and eliminates the perennial hassle of troubling yourself trying to get a generator to life.

It has a handle and wheels on one side enabling easy moving from place to place and even loading and unloading into vehicles which makes this a great gas generator to have in your home when the national grid fails you. The complete unit weighs 194 pounds. The handle and wheels could be easily dismantled if you don’t need but keeping it on would not in any way deny efficient operation. It is very easy to maintain and is all sealed into a compact housing which is neat and makes a very good backup generator.

The Control Panel in this gas generator operates two GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) with a 5-20R 120Volts, Household Duplex Outlets and one L14-30, 120/240Volts, 30A Twist Lock Outlet which is generally common for Transfer Switch Hookups. It is very convenient to start and operate this portable gas generator which is equipped with a 12Volts battery charger, funnel, tool kit and of course the User’s Manual which comprehensively takes you through the paces as to how you would need to efficiently operate and use it to optimum benefit. Once you get a hang of how to operate this portable gas generator it would give you efficient service and keep your electricity issues at bay.

The gas generator is powered by a 420cc Westinghouse 4-Strole OHV super-efficient engine which has the special advantage of an automatic shutdown when it is low on oil. The digital hour meter in the natural gas generator would show the duration of operation which should generally extend up to eleven (11) hours of continuous service. This enables you to monitor its fuel efficiency and also ensure that you are aware as to the period left for operation and the time lapsed.

The switch from gasoline to propane in this gas generator could be initiated whilst the generator is operating with the flick of a switch. It is this convenience and the other advantages that make the Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator – 7500 Rated Watts & 9500 Peak Watts – Gas or Propane Powered – CARB Compliant a great companion to have with you as a backup generator. This gas generator is EPA, CARB and CSA Compliant and is backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. This natural gas generator is also covered by an all nationwide customer service support which should keep you at ease knowing that you have help when you need it.


  • Dual fuel

  • Push button start with remote control key

  • Portable with wheels

  • Easy switch between the two fuels

  • 3 years warranty

  • Digital hour meter

  • Impressive pedigree

  • EPA, CARB and CSA compliant


  • Though equipped with wheels still quite heavy at 194 pounds

Westinghouse WGen7500DF Review

It is this convenience and the other advantages that make the Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator


#2. Champion 1200 – Watt Portable Generator

Product Review


Safety is the key factor that has been taken into serious consideration when designing this gas generator which makes one of the best generators that you could buy among many in the market. The safety feature in this portable gas generator includes the low oil shut off sensor which would ensure that this backup generator assures you years of efficient service.

The manufacturer recommends 10W-30 oil for the 0.6 quarts oil tank capacity for prolonged use without any issues. The frequency that it operates is 60 Hertz. The Champion 1200 – Watt Portable Generator has a maximum 1500 starting watts and an optimum 1200 running watts.

The run time of this ideally suited backup generator would be ten (10) hours on a full tank of gasoline which would be quite desirable for its users. The noise level would be at a reasonable 65 Decibels from 23 feet, which would be acceptable.

This is a multi-purpose gas generator which includes a 120Volts, 20A household out which should conveniently connect to the provided socket in your home or other suitable premises. This portable gas generator would also fit easily to power your Recreational Vehicle (RV) and is also ideal for the outdoors. Camping, boating, family trips and a host of outdoor activities could be bestowed with uninterrupted electricity supply if you take along this best generator to provide you that much needed power to make the event a very successful one.

This backup generator would also come very handy for those little chores that you would be called to attend around and near you home. The portable gas generator is powered by an efficient 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine all encased in a cast iron housing for extended durability. The 80 cc engine would continuously run for a period of ten (10) hours at a load capacity of 50% on a full tank of fuel. The fuel tank capacity is 5.9 gallons (22.4 liters). The Recoil start is easy to operate and perfectly positioned to ensure efficient starting whenever you require to this best generator into action.

This portable gas generator is designed for cold starts too and could be brought to life even in cold weather conditions. It has an output of 120Volts and 240 volts providing operational capability in any part of the world.
The Voltmeter would enable you to easily monitor this gas generator whilst it is operational ensuring you are aware how it is performing and at what efficiency.

A side glance would tell you how it is operating and at what level as the Voltmeter would be the best way to know how it would be operating. The Champion 1200 – Watt Portable Generator is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, and Free lifetime technical support from the professionals at Champion Power Equipment. Designed and manufactured in the United States all natural gas generators by this esteemed company are built to last many years of trouble free running.


  • Designed and made in the USA

  • Low oil shut off sensor

  • 10 hours continuous running

  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

  • 4-Stroke single cylinder engine

  • Durable cast iron housing


  • Recoil start

  • Heavy at 52.9 pounds

  • No wheels

Champion 1200 – Watt Portable Generator Review

The Champion 1200 – Watt Portable Generator has a maximum 1500 starting watts and an optimum 1200 running watts


#3. Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200

Product Review


This is a very quiet gas generator operating at 59 Decibels and full operational levels, and is much quieter than any other portable gas generator found in the market. There could be slight variations at different locations and various operational levels. It needs to be measured when operating at quarter load at a distance of seven (07) meters from the side of the control panel. Such a reading would give you the right noise level which could be important in some situations.

A Muffler Super Lo- tone cuts down on noise levels. Weighing just 54.6 pounds it is comparatively lighter than any other backup generator in its class. The 111cc OHV engine brings an output of 2200 starting watts and 1700 running watts, making the Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200 – Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability one of the best generators in its class.

This natural gas generator is fuel efficient providing eight (08) hours of continuous running at 25% load on a full tank of gasoline. It is also fitted out with a USB port enabling the charging of any compatible device ensuring connectivity with the world wherever you may be. The efficient and effective notable 3% less harmonic distortion ensures safety for any sensitive electronic devices like televisions, laptops, game consoles and any other such devices. If you read the generator reviews you would see that most users are a very happy lot with this portable gas generator.

The unique parallel port in this gas generator connecting two units together would ensure added power when you would need it and this is a very strong advantage that the Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200 – Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability brings to its users.

This is one portable generator that you should be seriously looking at before you would make up your mind as to which gas generator suits your purpose. The start mode is by Recoil but unlike the old units this system has been streamlined for very efficient operation. If you are looking for a quick start to life then this is the best generator that you could lay your hands on.

This is one of the best generators that you could take with you on camping trips, family outdoor weekend jaunts, or anywhere for that matter to ensure that you have power at hand when you want it. This portable gas generator is very user friendly and just what you would need when you want to enjoy in the outdoors with family and friends. It is also very smartly designed and would give you long term service without much of a hassle.

You should always strive to get the best generators when you decide to get one for yourself because cheap generators would bring only endless problems. The H-Handle design is unique and ensures easy carry when you want it to be moved from one place to another. It comes to you with a limited 24 months manufacturer’s warranty which in totality makes this one of the best portable gas generators that would suit your requirements.


  • Very quiet

  • Convenient H-Handle

  • 24 months warranty

  • Parallel connection capability

  • Light weight

  • Inverter advantage

  • 111cc emgine


  • Recoil starts

  • No wheels

Briggs & Stratton 30651 Review

The unique parallel port in this gas generator connecting two units together would ensure added power when you would need it and this is a very strong advantage that the Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200 – Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability brings to its users


#4. PowerPro 56101, 900 Running Watts / 1000 Starting Watts

Product Review


This could be the lightest gas generator in the market, weighing just an incredible 36 pounds. It has a conveniently located handle which could be used to carry wherever you would want to it along with you. It has four hard rubber pads which would always ensure that it stands in stable position when operated and also breaks up the sound, creating little or no vibration at all.

This is the real portable gas generator and lives up to its name by being versatile in operation, noise levels, efficiency and above all portability. The engine is a 2-Stroke application hence you would need to mix the right quantities of gasoline and oil to operate the PowerPro 56101, 900 Running Watts / 1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator.

There is no need to use any oil separately hence oil changes would be a thing of the past. The fuel tank capacity is one gallon and on a full tank this very ideal backup generator could run for five (05) hours continuously at half load. The exhaust system is very quiet and is fitted with a spark arrestor and the noise levels tested have been around 60 decibels at 22 feet.

This is the best generator if you are contemplating of camping in the any of the national parks across the United States. The PowerPro 56101, 900 Running Watts / 1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator is certified by the manufacturer for use in any national park.

This gas generator has a 1000 Watts starting power and a 900 Watts running power which has enabled this natural gas generator to gain popularity and to make an indelible mark among the others in its class. Its lightweight portability enables it to be carried anywhere hence has gained popularity among small family units, venturing out into the outdoors. It is easy to start up and the low noise level makes this the best generator which you could use in many applications, whether for outdoor use or as a backup generator when you have short electrical outages to your home.

The 2 Hp (Horsepower) single cylinder engine of this gas generator is quite capable of ensuring your outdoor enjoyment would be at optimum at all times ensuring uninterrupted power supply towards that end. This portable gas generator is CARB and EPA compliant which is another feather in its cap ensuring that it complies within most of the regulations in place for natural gas generators.

The One Year manufacturer’s warranty is limited but has been a small workhorse around for a come time now. Safety is always a serious concern when you dabble with electricity and its generation, hence ensure that you ground and earth this portable gas generator prior to using it.

The control or power panel consists of the switch to turn the gas generator on or off, a 120 Volts three pronged receptacle, a 12 Volts receptacle, a strategically placed Volt meter and the individual control buttons. It is the compact size, lightweight and the overall, versatility of this ideal backup generator that has made it stand tall and alone among every other among its class.

This natural gas generator has very sleek lines and is attractive as well and would add style to your camping and other equipment. If you are looking for a gas generator which would be ideal for a small family to enjoy the outdoors then this is the best generator that you could get your hands on. It has all the advantages that a small portable gas generator should have to interest any one and this is just filled those advantages and is good value for money.

It is user friendly and easy to maintain hence there is no better choice than this backup generator. Many generator reviews have placed it on the first seven (07) always and it has always lived up to its reputation as a small but versatile portable gas generator.


  • Lightweight

  • User friendly

  • 2-Stroke engine

  • CARB & EPA compliant

  • One Year warranty

  • Easy maintenance

  • Rubber pads for stabilization


  • Recoil start

  • Small capacity only for limited use

PowerPro 56101 Review

The PowerPro 56101, 900 Running Watts / 1000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator is certified by the manufacturer for use in any national park.


#5. Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter

Product Review


This has a superlative design with stylish lines which looks more like a small carryall rather than a gas generator when being carried around. Though it is small and light at only 45.6 pounds it packs a big punch delivering 2000 watts at 120 Volts very quietly.

This is ideal for small family trips and to run a television, DVD, small refrigerator, coffee pot and many more. This is one portable gas generator that really stands up to its reputation as small but big in performance. Coming from the house of Honda which has decades of experience in manufacturing engines which have performed extremely well on the world stage this is just an appendage to all of them.

This backup generator if you do use it as one would ensure that you get it to start up and solve all your issues with power. It is extremely fuel efficient and would generate power for more than eight (08) hours with One gallon of gasoline. That is performance at its best and would go on like a workhorse giving you uninterrupted power where you want it and when you want it.

This is one of the best generators in this size and weight with superlative performance combined together, that you could lay your hands on. It is super quiet too and would not be disturbing you or even waking up your neighbors when it is working for you. It would be hardly noticed which makes it ideal for use anywhere you would like to take it along with you. It will work discreetly and silently without much ado.

The Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter would be one piece of equipment that you may not be able to live without. It needs to have a place of prominence in your work shed because you would not know when you would need it.

If you are looking for a small gas generator just to fill those stop gap moments when you need to depend on a portable gas generator then this would be the best for you. It is so versatile in use and easy to move around which makes it a must have in your home for all those unexpected times that you would regret that you did not have a suitable portable gas generator to keep you away from the darkness enveloping you.

Maintenance is very convenient and with its compact design you need to just ensure that the important components are kept clean and serviced. You would be hard pressed to find anything close to this if you are looking for style, performance, efficiency and also to be economical in operation. It has had some great generator reviews and those who have used it has only satisfied words as this is the best generator in this class that they have used.

This being a Honda it has a long history behind it as it was Honda that really got the portable gas generator on its road to success today. They were the pioneers in the industry and have been in the forefront since then. This has a 98.5 cc engine which is in itself quite powerful for such a light weight portable gas generator.

If you are looking for reliability then the Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter is just what you would be looking for, as it is versatile in every way and has proved beyond any doubt that it is the best generator of its size around to be found.


  • Stylish and sleek design

  • Super quiet

  • Lightweight

  • Fuel efficient

  • Reliable and dependable

  • Extended operation on One gallon gasoline


  • Recoil start

Honda EU20001 Review

The Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter would be one piece of equipment that you may not be able to live without


#6. DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts / 4000 Starting Watts

Product Review


Durability at its best this gas generator is on top of its class in delivery of its performance and is rugged, heavy duty and extremely powerful and could provide all the power you need for your home. It runs on an air-cooled OHV engine specially researched, designed and manufactured by DuroStar who have been in the portable gas generator business for long enough to bring you some of the best generators from their manufacturing plants.

It has a seven (07) Hp engine which is quite powerful for its class and has the capacity to bring about a high output of power when put to the test. It has safety built into it with the Low Oil Shut Off advantage which would ensure that your natural gas generator would provide you years of trouble free service.

This portable gas generator is mounted on a strong and sturdy steel frame which encompasses it and whilst protecting provides stability when in operation. The four point fully isolated motor mounts ensures smooth noiseless operation and cuts down on vibrations and also keeps the gas generator stable during operation. The panel shows you everything that you would want to know, it consists of the Volt meter, circuit breaker, oil warning light and also holds the power outlets.

They are all conveniently placed ensuring one does not get in the way of the other. The Power Plug Configuration, 2×120 Volts, 20 Amp, 60 Hertz- NEMA, 5-20R outlets complements the performance of the DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts / 4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator. Another Power Plug Configuration is the 1×120 Volts, 30 Amp, 60 Hertz-NEMA, L5-30 outlet.

This gas generator has a run time of eight (08) hours on the 4-Gallon capacity fuel tank at full load and would give optimum output at very high efficiency. Employing this as a backup generator it would give an output of starting 4000 Watts and running at 3000 Watt continuously.

The EZY pull Recoil Start is easy to get the DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts / 4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator to life without much hassle and it gets off with a pull or two. This natural gas generator is approved by the EPA and has other approvals that make it available to all.

It has proved its worth in performing above par and has been a workhorse wherever it has been used. It has been tried and tested with thumbs up being given by the many users.

If you are looking out for a heavy duty high performing gas generator then this would be what you should be looking at as it has everything that you would want to ensure you keep yourself and your family out of that inevitable darkness that envelops us from time to time.

The best thing about the DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts / 4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator is that with such power behind it, portability has not been lost on it. It has rubber tires to ensure easy movement to ensure smooth relocation when needed. It is just what you would need in a gas generator as it has power, performance and mobility making it a great portable gas generator.

Noise levels are at a moderate 71 Decibels which for such a powerful gas generator could be acceptable. This weighs in at 90 pounds which even with the wheels could be quite a task to move around.


  • Heavy duty performer

  • Portable

  • Air cooled engine

  • Easy start

  • Powerful engine

  • High Wattage

  • EPA approved


  • Recoil start

  • Heavy at 90 pounds

  • High noise level

DuroStar DS4000S Review

The best thing about the DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts / 4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator is that with such power behind it, portability has not been lost on it


#7. WEN 56180, 1800- Watt Portable Power Generator, CARB Compliant

Product Review


This versatile gas generator is approved for use in all 50 states of the United States, and it has the EPA III and the CARB certifications which places it on top of most other portable gas generators.

These approvals are awarded only after some of the most strenuous tests especially for gas generators which if abused or have faulty mechanisms could cause untold misery and disasters.

These certifications are more evidently important because the WEN 56180, 1800- Watt Portable Power Generator, CARB Compliant is approved for use in any of the national parks and forest reservations around the United States based on its strict compliance to the requirement for spark arrestors.

These spark arrestors are tried and tested in controlled laboratories before they are incorporated into any of the gas generators manufactured by WEN, who have built an irrefutable reputation around all states of the United States. It is this strict adherence to statutory regulations that this portable gas generator has obtained the necessary certifications.

This natural gas generator has Rated Amperage of 12.5Amps with 1800 Surge Watts and 1500 Running Watts, which would provide optimum power either during emergencies or at normal operations. This is the best generator that you could get your hands on and it is heavy duty no doubt but performs at its optimum best with 4-Stroke OHV engine.

The operational noise level when the WEN 56180, 1800- Watt Portable Power Generator, CARB Compliant is at optimum is a moderate 63 Decibels. This is quite within acceptable limits and your neighbors may not have much to say as it is within bearable limits.

The powerful engine which has a displacement of 98cc is powerful to provide the rated outputs without much ado and would ensure it stands at that level throughout the operation. This portable gas generator would ensure 7.5 hours of continuous power using up just 1.1 gallons of gasoline. For such a powerful gas generator this is great fuel efficiency.

Weighing in at just 50 pounds it could be considered lightweight compared to other portable gas generators in its class. It could be easily moved and that makes it a great natural gas generator to have with you at home or office where you would not expect when you would need power when you are off the national grid.

This gas generator is bestowed with 2x AC120 Volts, 3-pronged wall outlets and one cigarette style 12Volts DC outlet. They all combine to give a superlative product with great advantages for those who would like the outdoors or those who would like to be ready rather than be sorry when they have any electrical outages.


  • Heavy duty

  • EPA III and CARB approved

  • Approved for use in all 50 US states

  • Great power outputs

  • Powerful OHV 4-Stroke engine

  • Acceptable noise levels


  • Recoil start

  • No wheels

WEN 56180 Review

The operational noise level when the WEN 56180, 1800- Watt Portable Power Generator, CARB Compliant is at optimum is a moderate 63 Decibels


Editor’s Choice

The seven listed gas generators are all in a class of their own and have good pedigrees and have been performing above average when the chips were down. They have no major issues for users to grumble as they have been tried and tested providing extremely good results.

Most of them if not all, have Recoil starts which have been issues perennially with the efforts to get gas generators to life, being arduous tasks. Even though this task has improved in technology there could still be some gas generators which could be stubborn in getting started. Apart from that all the portable gas generators on the above list are good machines and perform well.

Taking into consideration style, design, practicality and use the Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter would stand tall above the others as the best on the above list of gas generators. It is ideal for small family outdoor trips, weekend getaways, camping and for a host of other activities where the need for electricity would be felt.

This gas generator could also double up as a backup generator for a small family home to keep them out of darkness till the national grid supply comes on. For such short interim periods this would be a great portable gas generator. The lightweight of the Honda EU20001 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter would enable anyone to move it when required. Taking into consideration all these factors this gas generator would be the best choice.

gasgeneratorreview.com editors_choice

Watch the Video below to better look at Honda EU20001-Our Editor’s Choice


If you are contemplating of getting yourself a gas generator it would be prudent to first list down what your needs would be and based on that it would be best to go look for the portable gas generator you want to buy and use. Our needs for a gas generator may be specific and what another would need may not necessarily be what you would need.

What your neighbor may have may not what you would want for your lifestyle hence list out all what you would want in a gas generator and then work up from there. You may be able to fit the right choice then and not buy a white elephant which you may not use at all. This is what is important before you set out to choose your gas generator.

There is a very wide choice of gas generators available today which are powered by gasoline, propane gas, diesel, and even in some low income parts of the world some that run on kerosene. In the United States most of the generators used for domestic purposes are powered by gasoline or propane gas.

The use of propane emits lesser gases to the environment compared to gasoline but the use of the latter is preferred because of its ready availability and ease of usage. The 2-Stroke engines powered gas generators are gradually being phased off as it is found to be more detrimental to the environment. The 4-stroke engines are what are more popular in the United States.

There is a tremendous demand on the national grid to supply electricity without any interruptions but there are breakdowns which are inevitable individual gas generators may be the answer. There would come a day that we would need to generate our own electricity because our quest to increase the supply of electricity is taking humans overboard and that does not bode well for the future.

It may not necessarily be the dependence on gasoline and propane there may be other more practical means. Whatever time is running out for the world and if we do not think pragmatically we could be encountering issues that we would not be able to find answers.

Gas Generator Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Gas generators should be always indoors but away from the home or office to ensure noise is kept at the minimum. It should be protected from the vagaries of the weather but still ample ventilation should be allowed, if not overheating of the gas generator could cause disaster.

Category: Gas Generator

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A gas generator would need to be converted to run on propane for which it would need slight adjustments. Some gas generators do come with the necessary adjustments already installed or it would need a conversion kit.

Category: Gas Generator

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A gas generator will overheat if you don’t have it well ventilated. Prudent ventilation would ensure the gas generator is not over heated. Whilst it is installed indoors it should be ensured that proper ventilation is provided.

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A gas generator cannot be used in the rain as it generates electricity hence it would need to be housed in a dry room with ample ventilation to ensure the heat generated is taken out of the room. Water on the generator could cause short circuits and cause disaster.

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Yes a gas generator can, but you may need to get an assessment on the total electricity that you may need to power your home and based on that you procure the right gas generator. The gas generator should be compatible to the specific requirements of the home.

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There are ample gas generators which would convert from gas to propane with the flick of a switch. It can be done even when the gas generator is operational. Buying a duel fuel gas / propane generator would be a better choice as you would have both. They are not very costly and are quite reasonably priced. Buying a dual fuel generator would be a better and prudent decision rather than trying to convert one to the other.

Category: Gas Generator

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You could either buy a gas generator from a store near you or sit leisurely and browse the online sites and select the best that would suit your needs. Buying online would give you a very wide choice which you may not get in the store near you. There is a choice of brands and models and once you are aware of your requirements fitting a gas generator to match it would not be a difficult task.

Category: Gas Generator

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The smaller gas generators would be less noisy and hence much quieter, by checking out the number of Decibels that a gas generator expends you could get the quietest to suit your lifestyle. The size of gas generator and the noise emanating from it would depend on the capacity of the gas generator.

Category: Gas Generator

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The best gas generator would be what would fit into your needs, wants and lifestyle and depending on these factors you could select the gas generator that fits your needs. Depending on the size of your family if it is for domestic use you may have to select the right gas generator that would have ample power to suit your needs, portability and practicality. For other industrial use you may need something bigger to be compatible with the requirements.

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A gas generator is divided into two parts, the electricity generator and the engine that runs it. The engine would use gasoline like any other ordinary engine and run the generator which would produce the electricity. Both would work in tandem to create electricity in a continuous process.

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